André Guedes Pires

I’m a motion designer in progress,currently living in Lisbon, who gets inspired by the videogames of the past, amazing artists like Andrew Kramer, Nick Campbell, Rich Nosworthy Simon Holmedal, and some great agencies like The Mill, fantastic animation movies as Wall-E or even motion graphics breaks from MTV.
And for now, I’m just looking for a new challenge to make some real progress on me but also give some progress to someone, to a company, to the world and I just can’t wait to my next upgrade.

Currently living in Lisbon

Working on Several Creative Fields

Motion – 2D/3D/Animation – CG – Storytelling – Branding – Illustration – Html


Adobe Creative Cloud – After Effects – Illustrator – Photoshop – Premiere – Encoder – Cinema 4D – 3D Studio Max – Sketchbook Pro – Html5 – Processing